By Eva Fogelman

Erev Sukkot, a month-and-a-half after hurricane Katrina caused Holocaust survivors from New Orleans to once again become displaced persons, Schep Zitler, the 88-year-old first President of the New Americans Social Club, says, “We will make it. I am a survivor.â€? He was sitting in St. John’s hospital with his second wife. She fell and broke both legs in a Red Cross building in Los Angeles. They chose to escape to Los Angeles to be near his wife’s brother. The owner of a ready to wear dry goods wholesale store, Mr. Schep was active in Zionist affairs in addition to establishing a Holocaust survivor community in New Orleans. After 55 years in New Orleans he plans to go back even though his house was destroyed, he has no electricity there and it will require a lot of work to be able to live there again. His son, an entertainment lawyer, lives in the NOLA suburbs and his house was not destroyed.

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