Fighter of anti-Semitism bids farewell to Morris
Sister Rose Thering honored as she goes home to Wisconsin


HANOVER — Sister Rose Thering will be going home in a couple of weeks, back to the convent where she became a nun almost 60 years ago. It is a couple of hours’ drive from the Wisconsin farm where she grew up and had her first inkling that some Catholic school textbooks contained anti-Semitic ideas.

She uses a wheelchair to get around, an oxygen tank to help her breathe. But her memory has not deserted her, and she rattles off the names and birthdays of her 10 siblings, of aunts who became nuns, of early teachers and mentors, and of other people who mattered in her life.

As she prepares to go back to her Dominican mother house, her friends say she is as sharp and as strong-willed, as ever.
“I’m going back to Wisconsin on Continental Airlines,” Thering, 85, said the other day in her Hanover apartment.

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