From 2G Rob Stevens:

I am 26 [ a young 2G] and both my parents survived the Shoah, but my dad died 10 years ago. On the Yad Vashem website, I came across information that will help piece together the mysteries that surround my dad’s experience in the Lodz Ghetto. If you know anyone who can help me get more specific Lodz records or perhaps search if they lived or died in Lodz, it’d be very helpful.

Before today, all I knew was that my dad had 3 or 4 siblings and that he was from the Lodz Ghetto. Now, thanks to the Internet, I believe I have their pre-war address, ghetto address, etc. My father supposedly escaped the Lodz Ghetto by running away with a friend. I believe this might be the reason why I am unable to locate any records on my dad. My grandfather and 3 children shared the same address information, so I assume this is it, although I still am researching for more details.

Note – My grandfather did survive, but he died in 1983. I do not know if any of my father’s siblings survived, but I am searching!

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