November 6, 2005
The Phillipines



Simon Wiesenthal adamantly reminded us of the existence of evil, and that its perpetrators must be hunted down and exposed. Today, tyrants continue their business of mass murder, plunder and torture with impunity, are even vindicated through mass and political support as if their atrocities did not occur in their national histories and are not relevant to their civilization or to the world’s humanity. But Wiesenthal’s spirit poses an ever-pervasive reminder that world history condemns even those who vacillate when they could have saved lives as they excruciatingly witnessed the monstrosities of war happening before their very eyes. Wiesenthal admonished even bystanders to never forget their apathy when humanity needed them most. Their conscience must be continuously pricked with the pervasive imminence of evil. And sociopolitical structures established in nations that immortalize such evil must be dismantled.

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