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Holocaust survivor shares a warning
by Kim Smith

When David Faber speaks, it can be quite an emotional ride. He tells a sobering tale of witnessing the murder of his brother, Romek, when David was only 12. As surreal as his story sounds, it is the painful truth of what life was like for a young Jew in Poland in 1939. He spent six years in eight different concentration camps under the brutal hands of Nazi troops.

He promised his family if he were to survive, he would tell his story. He has been keeping that promise for the past 27 years and will be in our area this week spreading the word. He does not get paid for his presentations. He asks only that his travel and food expenses be paid.

I have been told that people who had nothing to do with the horrors he and other Jews suffered tend to apologize for what happened to Faber following his presentations.

That is not why he spreads the word of his ordeal.
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