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To Whom it may concern,

I would like very much if your organization would publish this following letter. Thank you.

About sixty three years have passed since my dear Family, Relatives and about six million Jews and Jewish children who were tortured and murdered in Europe.

Jewish organizations and Institutions in the United States have established large Holocaust Museums in all major Cities of the U.S. the most principal Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Los Angeles , New York, in addition Mr, Steven Spielberg have also created a “shrine” in Krakow Poland for the “good” Nazi Schindler where Jews were enslaved.

I am appealing to the conscious of all Jewish communities in the United States, and anyone else who is concern about this tragic issue, my question is.

While Jewish Institutions of the U.S. were able to established a major industry of Holocaust Museums in the U.S. Why haven’t the Jewish Institutions also placed a Jewish Monument on the mass graves in the major death camps , Birkenau, Belzec, Sobibor , Treblinka, Maydanek and others where most of the millions of Jews and Jewish children who who were tortured and murdered? A very small portion of the money collected annually from the American public on the behalf of the millions of sacred Souls, would be the most proper and deserved to place a Jewish Monument on these desecrated, humiliated and forsaken mass graves.

Unfortunately the Jewish religious org. and Institutions of the U.S. have abandoned the mass graves of the millions of Jews to the care and “concern for the Polish Government” . It is not surprising that young Jews of the U.S. are disintegrating and committing mass conversion because of a lack of a Jewish education.

Israel Turk
Holocaust survivor