Dear Mr. Bloch and friends,

My name is Rachel Arnovitz Dohme. I am an American Jewess living in Hameln, Germany. I met Mr. Bloch at last year’s Holocaust memorial day ceremonies in Bergen Belsen which I attended with Dr. Henry Friedlander.

My brother, senior editor for academic publications at the USHM, Benton Arnovitz, sent me your link.

As I read through your excellent site, your logo prompted me to write.

From Holocaust to New Life!

What better describes the work we in our congregation have been doing here in the last 8 years?

What better describes our plans to build the synagogue on the soil where it once stood?

What better describes the connection of the famed German-Jewish synagogue architect, Edwin Oppler who built the original synagogue in Hameln in 1879 and our architect, Arnold Oppler, American son of Holocaust survivors,Edwin and Hildegard Oppler and great grandson of the original architect?

From Holocaust to New Life!
I ask you to please look at our website at and especially click ” New Synagogue”.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you will include us and the work we are trying to do on your Website.

Shavua Tov,
Rachel Dohme,
President and Schali ‘ach Zibbur
Juedische Gemeinde Hameln, Germany