Friday November 11, 2005
from Jewish News Weekly of Northern Ca.

by emanuele ottolenghi

Even while the Holocaust is finally becoming the quintessential reincarnation of evil in Europe, Europeans are busy trivializing it.

Soon, careless references to the Holocaust will intersect not only with the efforts of those who have tried to belittle it, but also with the concerted and stated aim of pro-Palestinian apologists to make the Palestinian predicament akin to the suffering of the Jews during the World War II.

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That the Holocaust symbolizes absolute evil should be obvious. That all evil becomes, by rhetorical hyperbole or malicious intent, equivalent to the Holocaust, should be less evident. Nevertheless, this is precisely what is happening in Europe today. Referring to Nazism, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said in a recent interview with Ha’aretz, “For all my generation, we defined evil by that: that this is the absolute worst in human history.â€?