Yaffa Eliach: The Best and the Brightest
By Jeanette Friedman

Dr. Yaffa Eliach, whose early childhood was a recipe for personal disaster, has become one of the pre-eminent Modern Orthodox Jewish female scholars in the last 40 years. A pioneer in the field of Holocaust Studies, author, professor and lecturer, and founder of the Shtetl Foundation—as well as a dedicated wife and mother—she is one of the best illustrations of how AMIT used inspiration and perspiration, Torah and Madah, to inject a passion for Judaism in children and to help them heal from the devastation they experienced under the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. The people of AMIT gathered them in youth villages like Tel Ranan and in schools like Kfar Batya, where Bessie Gottesfeld and Nechama Leibowitz, pioneers in their own right, were able to heal and shape children’s lives by the way they were taught and treated.

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