Yiddish Has Not Yet Said Its Last Word.
– Isaac Bashevis Singer, In 1978, Upon Receiving The Nobel Prize For Literature For His Writings In Yiddish

Dear All —

Sixty years ago, Yiddish was nearly obliterated along with the people who spoke it. Since then it has been spoken by survivors and many of their children, as well as the religious sectors of the Jewish people. More recently, Yiddish has evolved to permeate American English and pop culture.

Join 3GNY as we learn a little about the origins of our mama loshen and its contributions to the world at large. Share what you know and learn something new. The evening will be casual, interactive and fun.

(Re)discover Yiddish
Tuesday, November 29th @ 8pm
Makor Lounge – 35 W. 67th St.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at daniel@3GNewYork.org. Please RSVP to: info@3GNewYork.org

Daniel Brooks
Director, 3GNY