The former residence of Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in Rome will soon be converted into a Holocaust Museum, report the Austrian ORF television channel on Friday, citing sources in the Italian capital. This museum, on which restoration work has already begun, is located in the well-known “Torlonia” villa, not far from the Jewish catacombs.

Renowned American producer Steven Spielberg is taking part in creating the museum, which is located in a two-thousand square meter area. Through a fund under his own name to the museum he has given instructions about audio-video materials and testimony about the Holocaust. This museum will be dedicated not only to the Holocaust, but also to other catastrophes during the Second World War, for instance, part of the exhibit will be dedicated to the massacre in the Adriatic caves of Rome in 1944 in which 335 people died, hostages who were killed when Italian partisans killed 33 German soldiers. The museum includes in its collection a display on the persecution and extermination of the Romany people during the Fascist dictatorship of the Mussolini regime. According to Mayor of Rome Walter Vertroni, the Holocaust Museum will be admitting its first visitors in two years.
RIA Novosti.

Source:, 7.1.05