Irena ALTSCHULER from the Children’s House in Kyiv (Kiev) in 1944 Ukraine
Are there any ALTSCHULER (however spelled) with 1930’s connections to KIEV, (Kyiv) in the Ukraine out there?

We seek any living family member or relative of Irina ALTSHULLER or ALTSCHULER or any similar spelling.
Married name: Kucherenko

The facts we know: She was Jewish and she was born in Kyiv in 1935.
Irina was sent to the Children’s House in Kyiv in 1944 after the death of her mother, and because her father was in the Army.
Towards the end of World War II she had been moved to the west of Ukraine and in particular to the towns of Boryslav and Drogobych.
It is possible that in the Children’s House she had the Jewish name Fira, but in order to hide her Jewish nationality they named her Ira i.e. Irina.
Irina Altschuler died in 1989 in Ukraine aged 54.

Can you please guide me to anyone who may be related to Irina (Fira) ALTSCHULER or anyone who might guide this search? please e-mail me at