We are searching for Viteslav ABELES, also known as Siegfried UTITZ or George Abels

Born 31 March 1908 in Prague
He had Israeli citizenship, [This is from a statement of the attorney in Prague, though we do not understand it fully at this time] He was a Glove maker
His last residence was at Prague 1, Perstyn 1020,
His parents were:
Gustav UTITZ and Hedvika SCHUETZova
He applied for permission to leave Czechoslovakia. His permission was approved on March 26, 1940 and he left for USA in 1940.
The permission was granted for the name Siegfried (German version of Vitezslav, i.e. celebrating victory) Israel Utitz.
(Israel was merely added by the Nazi regime in 1940 Prague)

His last residence was at Prague 1, Perstyn 1020,

He may well have been granted American citizenship in 1945

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