Natan ABELOVICH – Last known in New York around 1960

We have been asked to locate family members or relatives of Nathan ABELOVICH

All the spellings in this notice must be taken phoneticaly, and not as being accurate. They can vary as in ABELOVICH, ABELOVITCH or ABELOVITZ, ABELOWITZ or even ABALOVICZ.

Likewise – the political lines changed in time – Poland, Lithuania, Belarus are almost interchangeable in the context of this search notice.

We are here concerned about a location, often spelled ZELWA now in Belarus. There is also a Zelva in Lithuania. That is NOT our location. We have the following information about the history of this family:

Gedaliah SCHEVACH (son of Berl) married Dvorah Leah DOVITZ around 1900.

The family was originally from Piesk in Poland which is a Shtetl near Zelva (or Zelwa) which lies between Volkovk and Slonim, now in Belarus.

Dvorah Leah and Gedaliah SCHEVACH lived in Zelva. They had two daughters: Ruchel and Rivka.

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