We are searching for any family of Gela ANUSIEWICZ, (maiden name WEINTRAUB) born about 1895.
and her husband Jacob ANUSIEWICZ.

We know that they lived in Mathildenstrasse 58, Dresden, Germany.
Jacob was a watchmaker and Jeweller, working for Kneisel & Co. on Hauptstrasse in Dresden.
Gela and Jacob emigrated to Poland between 1936 and 38, were caught up in the War, were reported in Warsaw Ghetto, and from there on we have no information about them. They had four children.

1. Dr Karl ANUSIEWICZ born 6 June 1910, married to Lotte nee RAUCH. They had a child René
Karl was a Lawyer. He had been educated at the Wettiner Gymnasium; It is believed that he emigrated to Paris, France, and possibly to Cuba.

2. Leon ANUSIEWICZ born 1 Jan 1912 married to Marianne nee THIELSCHER, born 18 April 1911 who died on 9 April 1982
He also attended the Wettiner Gymnasiums, Was a Businessman, employed at the Kaufhaus Gebr. Alsberg and later worked for Brecher & Co In 1933 he emigrated to Paris. It is believed that Marianne THIELSCHER followed him, that they married in Paris, and that they then emigrated to Chile, Argentina or Uruguay.

They had a son Ramon ANUSIEWICZ

He also worked for Brecher & Co in Dresden. Emigrated to Paris and hence to Marocco and possibly Palestine.

4. Cesia ANUSIEWICZ , who lived in Dresden at Grosse Bruedergasse 21. It is believed that she Emigrated in 1937 first to Paris France, then Morocco and finally to the USA

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