Gutta: Memoirs of a Vanished World – A Beth Jacob Teacher’s Poignant Account of the War Years with a Historical Overview, by Gutta Sternbuch and David Kranzler. Feldheim. $23.95. HC

Gutta Sternbuch’s (nee Eisenzweig) story is fascinating and Dr. Kranzler’s incisive historical overview—with rare photos from times gone by—make the book a valuable addition to any library. Sternbuch was a student at the Beth Jacob Seminary for young women in Cracow, and her biography adds much to the early history of that historic and revolutionary girls’ school. Beth Jacob was created and run by Sarah Schenirer—who received full support by the Agudath Israel, the umbrella organization of Orthodox Jews, to teach women Torah, the laws of Judaism and certain secular subjects, like mathematics and foreign languages. It was the first such school of its sort and was the role model and foundation for a huge international educational system that today serves thousands upon thousands of young Orthodox Jewish women, especially in Israel and the U.S. Click here