We are searching for Krystyna BORSHEWSKA nee FRIEDWALD born in Lwow on 8 May 1926.

She is the daughter of Matylda nee WAJS and Dr Wiktor FRIEDWALD (poet, writer, killed in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942). The family lived in Warsaw before World War II. In 1940 they were in Lwow. Krystyna was a student in a nursery school, or a medical assistant, before she fled Poland, but did not complete her studies there.

Krystyna did not register with the Central Committee of Jews in Poland, so that no one of the FRIEDWALD part of the family knew that she had survived. It seems that with the help of a Jewish organisation from Gdansk, and her uncle Mr Stanislav KOWALSKI ,who was a diplomat in Polish Embassy in Brussels, Belgium from 1 Apr 1938 to till the start of the war, she went to England (between 2 April 1947 and 30 September 1947). Mr KOWALSKI was the husband of a sister of Matylda the mother of Krystyna.

It is believed she may have lived in Israel between 1969 and 1971 at Number 48 Kiryat-Gyora street, Or-Yehuda. She was married to a Mr BORSHEVSKI . The marriage ended in divorce, and she left Israel in 1971.

Krystyna Friedwald BORSHEVSKI has a son; his name is Stanislav PANZISHIN (or PANTSISHIN ) or similar. The correct spelling of the name is not known. He evidently left Israel with his mother. His father’s name was Stefan.

Looking for her are two cousins in Israel, the daughters of Joachim-Maximilian FRIEDWALD who is the brother of Wiktor.

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