Paul FIALA is the son of Karel FIALA, born in 1906 in Lvov, the son of a Czech diplomat in Lvov, Poland at that time.

Karel divorced his first wife in 1938. He left Czechoslovakia and joined the Czech army in exile to fight the Nazis. With his unit he was transferred to France and later to England where he remained stationed until November 1945. Then he returned with his unit to Czechoslovakia.

Before he returned to Prague from England with his army unit, he re-married and had two children in his second marriage. First his son, Pavel, was born while still in England, either in 1944 or 1945. Later they had a daughter, who may have been born already in Prague.

Pavel might call himself Paul rather than Pavel. His family name might be spelled with two L’s well FIALLA rather then Fiala, since his grandfather spelled his name with double L.

Do you recognize any of this?