We are searching for the heirs of Leopold KLINGER, a brother of Rudolf KLINGER.

Leopold KLINGER was listed after 1945 as “missingâ€? (ie of unknown place of residence).

His brother Rudolf KLINGER born 23 Jun 1881 and his wife Milada KLINGER(ova), nee OESTERREICHER(ova) born 1 Apr 1888 had a daughter Kamila.

Kamila KLINGER(ova), was born on 31 Aug 1909 in Prague. She married Otto F FISCHER, born 16 November 1906.
Kamila FISCHER(ova) probably had a son from her previous marriage Peter GUENSTLING, who was born on 28 June 1934 in Prague. Kamila FISCHER probably left for PARAGUAY on 12 April 1948. She had a Czech passport – Number 1712/32, issued by the Police HQ in Prague, extended by the Czechoslovak Embassy in London till 1946. A repatriation card issued by the Ministry of Protection and Social Care in Prague under the No. 1710/45. Her last known place of residence was Prague 10, Sterboholy Reg. No. 4.

We believe that Milada KLINGER remarried BRYAN, and that she lived in the USA at 5347, Ferndale, Pl Pinellas Park, FL, 333565. Other listed heirs of Leopold KLINGER – and likely to have been family relatives were:

Pavla KROPACK(ova) [ KROPACEK ] Hermina HAJK(ova) [ HAJEK ] Marta GRAUER(ova) [ GRAUER ]

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