The Day the Thunderbird Cried

Author: David l. Israel

This story is one of many from The Day the Thunderbird Cried published by EMEK Press in September 2005. The book deals with the American troops who liberated the Dachau concentration camp. You may contact me for any further information needed


The first words he remembered hearing were “SCHNELLâ€? and “RAUSâ€? – “quicklyâ€? and “out.â€? He didn’t know how old he was then – maybe one and half or two years old. He heard the older boys in the group talking about mothers and fathers, but he didn’t know what the words meant. The others all had names, but when they spoke to him, they only pointed with a finger or said, “you do this or you do that.â€? He never thought about the fact that he didn’t have a name. He didn’t think much about anything. There was no one to teach him otherwise, so he assumed this was the way things were. Full story.