Pro-Israel Advocate Highlights Growing Anti-Semitism at U.S. Schools

By Jim Brown
December 2, 2005

(AgapePress) – A pro-Israel advocate is warning of an intensifying anti-Semitic climate on university campuses in the United States. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently heard testimony from Jewish groups troubled that tax dollars are being used to fund university Middle East studies programs that have a radical outlook on the U.S. and Israel.

Sarah Stern of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) testified at the hearing. She says anti-Semitism is a virus that is spreading on U.S. campuses and seems to be immune to any antidote. “It is multiplying very, very quickly on college campuses,” she says, “everywhere from Columbia and Harvard in the East to San Francisco State and Berkley, UC-California at Irvine, Davis, throughout the UC system, Michigan and hundreds upon hundreds of points in between.” Full story.