I am writing a biographical essay introducing a group of Yiddish poems my father wrote clandestinely while an inmate at Sachsenhausen in 1944. I am therefore in pursuit of any information or documentation relating to my father.

He was a Polish citizen, born near Warsaw in Minsk Mazowiecki on March 22, 1907. He may have served at some point prior to the war in the Polish Army (no proof of this; How can this be ascertained?). As far as I know, at the outbreak of the war, he was living in Lodz with his wife and child, both of whome were later killed. His name was Nuchim (Nachum) Edelsburg. He was in the Lodz Ghetto until 1943 as having lived in the Lodz Ghetto working as a printer). He was then sent to several camps, in ’43 including Sachsenhausen as a member of a special group of counterfeiters working for an SS group hoping to destabilize the British economy by flooding it with forged Pound Sterling notes (“Operation Bernhard”).

After the war, he eventually returned to Lodz where he worked at a newspaper (also as a printer) and remarried (to my mother, Gita Halperin) in Sept-Oct. 1945. He moved to NYC on November 6, 1951. He died in 1984.

I am particularly interested to know if there is any documentary evidence of his involvement in “Operation Bernhard”, his life in the Lodz Ghetto or his possible service in the Polish army. I have been advised that turning to the Polish Archives relating to his native town of Minsk Mazowiecki is both cumbersome and unlikely to yield any results about his life prior to the War. Do you agree?

Charles Edelsburg
e-mail: cie100153@aol.c