My mother, Rose STERN, had two sisters, Mala SIEGER (née REIFER), born 1911, and Hania REIFER, born 1917. The family lived in the village of Gawluszowice , near Mielec, Poland, and later in nearby Kliszow.

By 1920, my grandparents, Regina (Rivka) FALLEK and Avraham Yakov REIFER, had both died, leaving six young children. Mala and Hania were sent to live with an uncle and aunt, Sender and Leah FALLEK, in Tarnow and by the 1930s they lived in Krakow.

Mala, a talented dressmaker, was married to Josef SIEGER, born 1905. They had a daughter, Renya, born in Krakow in October1936. Her photograph is at .

Any information about the lives or fate of my aunts and cousin would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Renée Stern Steinig, .