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submitted by Serena Woolrich, founder and director of Allgenerations, Inc, a non-profit corporation and contributing editor for Searches for Together.

I am still trying to find anyone who may remember the transport numbers my mother and little brother were on:

Ilse L. Trzeciak -Salomon Feb 12, 1943 from Darmstadt to Terezin (Theresienstadt)
XVII/2-47 ( DOB 2/19/09)

Peter Israel Trzeciak XVII/2-48 ( DOB 04/10/39)

Then Ilse October 1, 1944 To Auschwitz Em-1447 from Terezin and Peter Em-1448

I realize it was a long time ago, but I keep hoping that someone may have been on the same transport or remember something about my mother or brother.

Edith Rogers

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