Iranian Speaker Criticizes ’Zionists’ for Holocaust Claims During Moscow Visit
Created: 14.12.2005 13:46 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 13:46 MSK, 35 minutes ago


Iran’s Majlis speaker has accused “Zionistsâ€?, the West and “even the United Statesâ€? of violating the freedom of speech in connection with the Holocaust.

Speaking at a gathering of Iranian expatriates during his visit to Moscow on Wednesday, Gholamali Haddad-Adel quoted by the IranMania Web site said they “do not even permit anyone to express a single sentence against their claims about the Holocaust during World War II.â€?

The speaker said Iran does not “shut anyone’s mouth for such reasons and has always reminded this point to foreigners who claim human rights are ignored in Iran.â€?

In Moscow, Haddad-Adel met with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexei II, the head of Russia’s Federation Council Sergei Mironov and the head of the National Security Council Igor Ivanov. The speaker, heading a parliamentary delegation, arrived in Moscow for a three-day visit on Monday.