Dear Chaveyrim,

When my mum passed away this past May, she left me an incredible yerisha — a typed memoir of her experiences during the war years. I am now researching to learn more and would like to create a public work of her memoir.

My mother was part of an eastbound transport of Yidn who departed Poland at the end of November, 1939, headed for Leninogorsk. Most of them stayed in that area until May, 1945. My mother was from Lodz and was 14 when she left Poland (she traveled with her older brother, but the two split up soon after their arrival. He would die of tuberculosis in Russia two years later).

Any and all information about this era, locale, and especially the people who made this journey is greatly appreciated.

Email me privately at and thanks in advance.

A freiliche chanuke,
Lynda Kraar