Syd Mandlebaum is a 2G who has been involved with the movement since opening day of the World Gathering in Israel in 1981. He used to tote around a video camera and interviewed survivors for the Yale Archives. He also invented the machine that clocks fastballs, among other amazing items. He has brilliant ideas and after doing due diligence, he goes after his dreams.

Growing up hearing his father’s stories of hunger in the camps, he promised he would try to stop hunger in some way. He founded Rock & Wrap It Up!, a group of volunteers who go from performance venue to performance venue to pick up food that is leftover from green rooms and receptions. He involves celebrities and students at regional schools and turned his non-profit organization into a national service that feeds thousands upon thousands of people across America.

Now the sports world is lending him a hand. He was over at the stadium yesterday, making a pick up….and here’s what the NY Giants had to say about Rock and Wrap It Up! this past Thanksgiving.