As you report in the April 2005 issue of Together:

With calls of “never againâ€? the UN General Assembly commemorated the 60th anniversary if the liberation of the Nazi death camps with a special session…. Page 3

Elie Wiesel described himself in the same article as “the Jewish witness that…speaks of my people’s suffering as a warning. He sounds the alarm to prevent these tragedies from being done to others.â€?

You should know that at present there are 18 to 20,000 Jews waiting in refugee camps, compounds and the slums of Addis Abba and Gondar under terrible conditions, on the cusp of death.

Please do whatever you can to publicize their situation, to sustain them while they wait for help, to remove fear and intimidation, starvation and hunger/malnutrition, sickness and disease. Please do whatever you can to bring about their rapid and immediate salvation, redemption and deliverance by the Israelis.

Many have already died, please see Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar’s decision. Two years ago 47 children, for example, died of malaria.

Let us never forget that in 1984, 4,000 Jews died leaving Ethiopia and in Sudanese refugee camps – the largest number of Jews to perish since the Shoah. This occurred, while the world once again and also, unfortunately, almost the entire Jewish world pretty much sat silent, not helping, not doing anything, not attempting to stop this tragedy as it developed and unfolded!

Apparently, it is necessary to say that, “Never Againâ€? applies to everyone including our own brothers, our brethren, our people, still in Ethiopia!

Please help!


Larry Rothbaum
Bronx, New York