My name is Sol Factor. I live in Beachwood, Ohio. I was born on June 28, 1946 at the Frauenklinik in Munich, Germany and given the name Meier Polkak. On July 14, 1946 I was separated from my natural mother whose name was (is) Rosa Pollak. In 1947 I was sent to the United States to be adopted. Since 1990 I have been searching for Rosa. She was born in Orosko or Orosken, Romania on February 15, 1924. Her mother’s maiden last name was Grun. Rosa married Shaier Pollak on June 7, 1945. According to the hospital records that Rosa gave, he died in October of 1945. I believe that she and Shaier were being helped by the Bricha to go to Palestine. According to Rosa’s DP registration card from Landsberg, there is a notation which says, “Palestine 30/7.” Does anyone know of Rosa and whether she got to Palestine or where she may be living? If you know of details of her death I would want this information too. Please write to Sol Factor at