I am the daughter of Holocaust survivor BERT LINDER who was born on August 16, 1911 and died in his homeland Austria on September 22, 1997, while on a book tour, speaking about his published book, “Condemned Without Judgement”, which was endorsed by Eli Wiesel. He spoke about the Holocaust at the public schools in the Palm Springs area where he resided with my mom, JOAN LINDER, who passed away at the beginning of this year on February 12, 2005. My father served as President of “The Holocaust Survivors of the Desert” in the Palm Springs area. A street has been named after my father in Graz, Austria, “Berthold Linder Weg”. He spoke in Graz when he died on stage in front of a crowd of 300 people. He was born in Vienna and lived there until the war broke out and he was captured in France and taken to the camps. My father visited with Simon Wiesenthal in the early 1990’s of which I treasure a picture of the two of them together in Simon Wiesenthal’s office in Vienna.
I remain sincerely yours, Viviane Linder-Pentz