by Aharon Golub with Bennett W. Golub
Devorah Publishing, Israel.
Hardcover, $21.95, 1-932687-47-5

Aharon Golub became a bar mitzvah on the very day that the Nazis took over his home town of Ludvipol in Poland. His family, who were mill owners and among the town’s most prominent citizens, immediately fled to hide in the forests. Aharon became orphaned and crippled due to frost bite as his family perished around him. His ultimate survival and emigration to Palestine among the first legal settlers allowed him to witness and participate in the birth of the State of Israel. His story is made more compelling by the fact that his family and closest friends were never told of his experiences until he recorded them for The Shoah Foundation. Once that happened, Aharon’s son Bennett worked with him to write the book, which is a natural extension of the story and an important addition to the survivor legacy.