Historians, researchers back Iranian president’s view on Holocaust
TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (MNA) — Following the statement by President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who on December 14 called the Holocaust a myth, the Mehr News Agency contacted a number of leading independent historians and scholars from different parts of the world to ask them their views on the idea.
Following are some e-mails from historians and researchers sent to MNA:

Dr. Robert Faurisson has told me that you wish to learn of the extent of endorsement, by his colleagues, of the recent remarks of Iran’s President Ahmadinejad on the subject of the Jewish “Holocaust”. I base my comments here on the reports on these remarks that I have read in the Western press.

In 1976 I published a book entitled “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century”, in which I argued:

1. The alleged slaughter of millions of Jews by the Germans, during World War II, did not happen.

2. The extermination allegation is properly termed a hoax, that is to say, a deliberately contrived falsehood. It was not at its source an honest misunderstanding or accidental falsehood.

3. The hoax had a Zionist provenance and motivation. That is, while some of the original obscure stories did not come from Zionist sources, the elevation to allegations repeated by the American and other governments, and major institutions, was due to Zionist circles within those countries, who acted with Zionist motivations.

I continue to maintain those three theses, which have become core features of what is called “Holocaust” revisionism. Apart from some nuances of wording, the three theses were repeated by President Ahmadinejad. Therefore, there can be no question that I endorse his remarks in those respects.

In the years since the publication of my book in 1976, there were two developments that I did not expect:

4. Western countries undertook a massive repression of revisionism. In some cases, particularly in Europe, legally formulated persecution has sent revisionists to prison, in blatant contradiction of the sermons we have given the rest of the world on “human rights” and “freedom”. In other cases, revisionists have been ruined professionally with the cooperation of government bodies.

5. The cognizance of the “Holocaust” in the West was transformed into a loud, never-ending series of ceremonies that can only be interpreted as religious in nature.

President Ahmadinejad’s remarks also included the last two observations, so of course I also endorse the remarks in those respects. I congratulate him on becoming the first head of state to speak out clearly on these issues, and regret only that it was not a Western head of state.

His political remarks receive no comment on my side. By “political remarks” I mean those that deal with questions of what ought to happen now.


Arthur R. Butz

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois 60208



I wish to assure you that French and international revisionist scholars, in particular those who actively contribute to the website AAARGH ( do support entirely the Iranian President Ahmedinejad. They found his speeches remarkably accurate, his ideas very sound, and his proposals (transfer of Israel’s Jews somewhere else) very rational and just. We find a great solace in the courageous behavior of the highest Iranian authorities.

Serge Thion

former social scientist, kicked out of his job for revisionism.


Mr. Ahmadinejad helped us a lot. The “Holocaustâ€? never happened. It’s the biggest lie of history. The logical reflections of Mr. Ahmadinejad will push many people to the side of the “revisionistsâ€? because the transition of the state of Israel to Germany is in secrecy already underway. The Germans must fight the false story of the Holocaust in order to keep their country.

Many historians contradict the official version of history but they are silenced by force. Many of them are in jail for telling the truth… The English translation of the text “Sylvia Stolz Schutzschrift englâ€? is not yet completed, but it may be of interest for you.

The text “Toynbee about Israelâ€? is of utmost importance. Toynbee said already in 1963 what Mr. Ahmadinejad is saying in 2005. My view is formulated in the text “Jewish Question -– DK-Processâ€?.

Please keep in touch with me.


Horst Mahler


I believe that all historical questions should be open to discussion and debate. The “Holocaustâ€? has become a religion. Those who express any doubts are treated like heretics. This is intellectually dishonest and wrong.

Paul Fromm


Canadian Association for Free Expression


Thanks… Yes, I definitely appreciated his remarks, and, as a concerned American, I am deeply sorry and ashamed for my nation’s behavior toward the whole world, and especially toward Iran. At this point in time, I regard Iran and Venezuela as the last bastions of authentic democracy in the world. Democracy in America has devolved into corporate fascism, and we are all in danger because of it. Please check my remarks on the website

Best wishes to you, as well as the Iranian president. May we all have the courage to continue to speak the truth under any circumstances.

Best wishes,

John Kaminski


Yes, I want to support President Ahmadinejad. But you did not indicate what kind of support you are seeking from me.



I totally support Mr. Ahmadinejad’s views on the alleged “Holocaust” of the Jews being a legend or a myth.



I have a lot of respect for Iran, its people and its leaders. I have been in Iran in 1973 or 1974, in the shah’s days, and was enchanted by the beauty of the land and noble character of the people.

As for your questions, I wrote a piece about it called Vampire Killers. There you will find a full answer to your questions.

My regards to you and to Iran!




I do not know what Mr. Ahmadinejad’s views are. We are a Polish-American committee. I have personally experienced WWII in Warsaw, Poland. Certainly, the experiences of the Jews under the German occupation have now been propagandized. And, certainly, they have suffered as most people in those times and places. The experience of the Jews (the Holocaust) has been just one part of the overall tragedy of WWII. I believe that Poles suffered the greatest losses. Until now, Poles do not have control of their own country. For more info, please go to


Dana I. Alvi