My name is Patrice. I am searching for people who grew up not knowing that they were Jewish but later found out that one or both of their parents was Jewish. Raised as a Protestant, at the age of 52 I found out that my father was a Holocaust survivor.
When I found out (2 years ago) I began searching for other people like myself to talk to. I was sad, angry and confused.
After making contact with a number of others, I decided that this was an under-documented area of the Holocaust and that I would like to make a contribution. Being a professional photographer, I began photographing people wit similar experiences and write down their stories. My idea was to show these photos and stories in venues such as Jewish community centers. I can now envision this turning into a book.

I’m still searching for more people. So if this happened to you, or you know anybody that this happened to I would appreciate it if you would contact me. Even if you don’t want to participate in my project, I would still be interested in hearing from you.
telephone: (617) 522-7199 (Boston)