Scrooging the Holocaust

ABC/Disney—Scrooging the Holocaust
By Jeanette Friedman

Reprinted from The Jewish State, Highland Park, NJ

‘Tis the season, and over at ABC/Disney, Scrooge is busy at work. It can make someone wish that Fairy Godmother would take out the bad guys. But the question here is, who’s the bad guy in this story? Is it Mel Gibson or Quinn Taylor, VP of ABC TV movies?

It took two days for people to react to the news that ABC/Disney agreed to make a Holocaust miniseries with Mel Gibson. Let there be spin, declared the pundits, and there they were: the usual people in the usual places, saying the usual things about Mel and his dad, Hudson the Holocaust denier. They missed the point. It’s not about Mel.

It’s about ABC/Disney, and corporate cynics like Quinn Taylor.