By Ari Kriegel, a 3G

Tikochin August 30, 2005

What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to feel? I just came from the Beit Kvarot outside of a town I don’t know how to spell, but it sounds like Tikochin. We stood outside of a fenced in area, maybe 20 feet by 20 feet, one of three in this forest, one of many more in the rest of Poland. Among these three fenced-in areas, 2000 Jews lie somewhere. “2000,â€? like the “6 millionâ€? Jews killed during the holocaust. Life is not that precise, nor is the destruction of it. So what am I supposed to say? I know that a supposed 2000 people were killed in the exact place I stood, yet how can I feel anything more than the sorrow that comes at the thought of the loss of innocent lives? Don’t those people, who happened to be Jews, deserve more than to be a part of a general feeling of “badnessâ€?? To be more than a part of a general number of 2000… 6 million? What if there were really 2,001, 6,000,001; who is that person being left out of the number? If I can’t say enough, why say anything at all? If I can’t feel enough, why feel anything? I say and feel what I can, as much as I can, but does it make any difference to the 2000 people, the 2000 sets of bones over which I just stood? Do those bones care? Does the 2,001st corpse take offense to not being counted?