I am searching for information on any of my relatives who may have survived the Shoah. I am also interested in knowing how and where they perished in the Holocaust.
My parents, of blessed memory were both survivors of the Holocaust.
My mother, Rachel Rosenberg, maiden name Frankel, came from Slomnicki, near Cracow. She was born May 5, 1914.Her parents, Jacob and Bluma Frankel owned a leather factory in Cracow. They had four other children: Frimit, Chana, Chaim, Alter. They were all married and presumably some had children. Rachel was originally sent to the factory, Plassau/Krakowa and liberated from the work camp, Skazyskokarmiene Werk C. No information was ever found on any of her relatives.
My father, Jacob Rosenberg, was born September 14, 1910. His family lived in the town of Wrozdislaw. His parents were Berish and Feigel Miriam. Feigel Miriam was from Lodz. Berish was married before to Malka Szlanski and they had two children, Rivka (Regina) and David. Regina (my father’s stepsister) survived with her daughter Maria and son-in-law Fred Devinki). Berish and Feigel Miriam had four children: my father, Jacob, and his siblings Hinda, Bluma and Yehudit. My father, Jacob, was married before the war. He had a meat factory in Bendine. His first wife and two children died in the Holocaust. We have no information about any others from his family. It is known that the Jews of Wrozdislaw were sent to Treblinka; a few remaining Jews were sent to Sandomierz.
My parents married in Regensberg, Germany after the war where I was born in a DP camp.
Eventually they joined my father’s stepsister’s family, Rivka Devinki, the only survivor known survivor of his family, in Kansas City, Missouri.
Please send any information to : Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg