A brilliant and important article about Holocaust Education

from Commentary

Falling Victim to Victimhood

by Paul B. Miller
12 January 2006

Teaching genocide to Bosnian Muslim students, an American professor finds that the overwhelming sense of their own unredeemed victimhood often dominates their responses to the suffering of others.

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina | How do you tell Bosnians that you’ve come to their country to teach a course on genocide? The first time I encountered this awkward situation was in the gym, while trying to make small talk with the woman next to me on the exercise bike. “So what are you teaching here?â€? she asked, innocently enough, in response to my boastfulness about being a Fulbright professor at the University of Sarajevo. “Well, you see, it’s a course about genocide in the 20th century. I mean, some of the faculty felt it would be good to look at this, eh, ‘scientifically’ since, you know, it’s not taught here as an academic subject like it is in the States. And I … because I teach the Holocaust at my university in America … they thought it would be a good way to begin confronting the recent history here. But I’m not touching what happened in Bosnia directly … no way! You know far more about that than I do. And in any case, Bosnia keeps coming up during our discussions.â€?