Czech gypsies urge action to stop memorial at WWII camp

Updated: 15/Jan/2006 17:01

Representatives of the Czech Republic’s gypsy community Friday demanded the government and police stop the far right National Party from erecting its own “monument” at the site of a WWII camp where around 300 gypsies died.

“We expect politicians, and above all Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek, to
act,” said Zdenek Rysavy of the organisation, Romea.

The National Party chairwoman Petra Edelmannova announced earlier this week that the party intends to build its own stone “monument” at Lety (75 km from Prague).

The monument would bear the message: “This monument to Czech patriots of WWII was erected by the National Party on January 21. This was a collection camp, not a concentration camp. History is not a question of rumours but of fact,” according to local press reports…MORE.