PARK CITY ’06: Rex Bloomstein: “There is talk of ‘Holocaust fatigue,’ as if such a subject can ever be exhausted.”

by indieWIRE (January 19, 2006)

Every day through the end of the Sundance Film Festival, including weekends, indieWIRE will be publishing two interviews with Sundance ’06 competition filmmakers. Sixty filmmakers were given the opportunity to participate in an e-mail interview, and each was sent the same questions.

British filmmaker Rex Bloomstein directed “KZ,” screening in the World Cinema Competition: Documentary section. Bloomstein goes beyond recounting the crimes that occurred at the Mauthausen concentration camp, instead choosing to focus on the reactions of visitors to the camp today. Bloomstein has explored the themes of prison life, the Holocast and human rights abuses in his previous documentaries. more.