No laughing matter

By Roey Cohen

PARIS – Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, a popular stand-up comic in France, is being ostracized by a large part of the French public, which is staying away from his shows. He is also no longer being invited to appear on television there. It’s not because he’s not funny. On the contrary – everyone agrees that Dieudonne is a superb comic, a very funny man. But this week he went on trial in Paris for things he said in an interview about a year ago in the French weekly Le Journal de Dimanche, in which he attacked – with typical vitriol – the people he thinks are trying to shove him to the margins of the sociopolitical discourse in France. He has no doubt whatsoever about their identity. “These are the same slave traders who became bankers and media moguls and who currently support Ariel Sharon’s policies,” he said. “Those that are attacking me have built empires and fortunes thanks to slavery and the black slave trade. But it’s Israel that has financed apartheid and its final solution projects.” MORE.