A 2G Speaks of the Holocaust and the Troubles

Anne Palmer

Monday 23rd January 2006
Tributes were paid yesterday to those who saved lives during the holocaust through acts of kindness and courage. The main theme of this year’s event, the fifth to be held in Northern Ireland, was focused on how one person can make a difference.
Speaking at the Holocaust Memorial Day service in Enniskillen, Nigel Hamilton, head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, said they had set a moral standard for the rest of humanity. “There are lessons for all of us to learn. This event allows us to join with representatives of the persecuted and with those who experienced persecution to remember the millions who died,” said Mr Hamilton. He said the holocaust is a history of millions of biographies which will not be forgotten. Leon Litvack, from the Belfast Jewish Community, spoke of his personal experiences growing up in Canada as the child of two holocaust survivors. His mother survived Auschwitz and his late father lived through Mauthausen. MORE.