2G Syd Mandlebaum, who has worked tirelessly for good causes over his lifetime, has now expanded his food bank program, Rock and Wrap It Up, with a very timely and unique way of caring for the hungry.

There is a time honored tradition that the mourners’ first meal after returning from the cemetery should be prepared and served by friends or neighbors. This is a way of reminding mourners that there are people who care and are trying to ease their burdens. Often we find people whose kindness extends far beyond the first meal. Friends and neighbors are apt to bring to the mourners a sufficient amount of food for the entire Shivah period and sometimes beyond.

If you, as a mourner, should have excess unused edible food, which is prepared but not served, many chapels recommend that you contact a charity with an excellent reputation called Rock and Wrap It Up! We are an international organization whose mission is to feed those who hunger and reduce poverty. We use safely recovered edible leftover food. We can help you find shelters to bring food and clothing to in every city in the United States. We work with the United States Conference of Mayors, NY Mets, NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Jets, colleges and schools recovering leftover food. We have branches in all major cities across the country including here in the New York/New Jersey area. Rock and Wrap It Up! can be reached at 1-877-691-FOOD. As a charity we are able to receive donations in memory of your loved one and sends certificates honoring their blessed memory. We offer tax donation receipts to all donors for food and clothing donated.

A part of the healing process of mourning is to be able to rise above personal pain and anguish and concern ourselves with the needs of those who desperately need our help. Amidst our sorrow and sadness at the loss of a loved one, it is therapeutic and comforting to know that we are able to help in giving life to others. Please contact Rock and Wrap It Up! at the end of your Shivah period.