The Holocaust should not be for sale
(Filed: 26/01/2006)

Holocaust Memorial Day will only further debase the suffering and the memories of those who survived the Nazis, says Frank Furedi

As someone whose family was virtually wiped out in Nazi concentration camps and forced labour battalions, I become furious when I read that Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismisses the Holocaust as a myth. I cannot forget my mother’s heart-wrenching account of how she was compelled to leave her younger sister to die in a ditch as two SS camp guards forced her to march on during the last week of the war in Germany.

Frank Furedi
Sociologist Frank Furedi: ‘false morality always invites the response of cynicism’

Sometimes, it is the less tragic, almost banal, events that prey on the imagination. In late 1944, my elder sister was caught by a group of Nazis near the Budapest ghetto, who decided to have some fun with her by slapping her around, before finally kicking her in the backside.

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