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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. One man who survived it tells his harrowing story to Victoria Tagg
Jan 26, 2006

“You stinking Jew!” shouted an SS soldier, pointing his rifle at Jack Kagan. Jack, just 13 at the time, was among the 1,500 Jews held in a Polish ghetto by German troops under Hitler’s reign during the Second World War.

“My knees were shivering,” he says.

“I was lined up with about 50 others and a machine gun was assembled. I thought that was the end of it.

But after a long fearful wait, an officer released them. It was not the first time Jack came within a hair’s breadth of death and lived to tell the tale.

Today, on the eve of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day, the 76-year-old survivor will speak at Wolverhampton University about his ordeal.

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