EVANSTON, Ill., Feb. 6 (UPI) — A Northwestern University professor’s claim that the Holocaust never happened is “a contemptible insult to all decent people,” the school’s president said.

Arthur Butz, an associate professor of electrical engineering, has written articles and a book denying the Nazi attempt at Jewish genocide. Recently, he spoke out in support of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who also denied the Holocaust took place.

NU President Henry Bienen issued a statement Monday blasting the professor’s activities.

The professor’s latest statement, “like his earlier writings and pronouncements, is a contemptible insult to all decent and feeling people,” Bienen said. “While I hope everyone understands that Butz’s opinions are his own and in no way represent the views of the university or me personally, his reprehensible opinions on this issue are an embarrassment to Northwestern.”

Bienen said, “There is no question that the Holocaust is a well-documented historical fact,” and said the university has a professorship in Holocaust studies endowed by the Holocaust Educational Foundation, among other things.

Bienen said Butz is a tenured professor, and like “all faculty members, he is entitled to express his personal views.”

Bienen said the school cannot take action against Butz unless he represents his views as the university’s, or makes them part of his class curriculum.