from Lauren Lebowitz, a 3G in NYC:

I am in the early stages of writing a show about my grandparents who are Holocaust survivors. I am looking for artistic and creative people who are also 3rd generation, who might be interested in collaborating on this project with me.

Please email Lauren for more info


April 23 April 30

“Dor Chadash,” a new generation of young Jews living in New York, is a grass roots effort of 6,000 young Israeli and American Jews who seek to strengthen the Jewish people. As part of our mission, we see it as our collective responsibility as young leaders to expose ourselves to the stories, the places, and the survivors of the Holocaust. In a few years time, it is we who will remain to tell the story. It is we who must be able to say that we heard it first hand.

From April 23rd to the 30th, 2006, we will travel to Poland and participate in the March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau. We will do this not as high school students but as young leaders of the Jewish community sure of our direction and mature in our approach. Similar to last year, we will travel with survivors of the Nazi horrors who will share their personal experiences.

We encourage you to learn about our new and exciting movement by visiting our website at There you will also find images from last year’s extremely powerful trip.