February, 2006

Below is a letter we sent to Judge Korman in New York, re: Swiss Bank Money.

Chief Judge Edward R. Korman
Eastern District of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, N. Y. 11201

Honorable Judge Korman:
The open disagreements between various Attorneys connected with the negotiations re: Swiss Banks has brought another jolt to the Holocaust Survivor community here in the U.S. as elsewhere in the world.

The recent news of the longtime and trusted Legal representative of Holocaust Survivors, Prof. Bert Neuborne, as appointed by your office, is not seen in a very favorable light these days. To the contrary, a tremendous disappointment and let down feeling, is roundly expressed by Survivors struggling for assistance in our communities. We were assured by Prof. Bert Neuborne, personally, during any number of meetings and phone conferences in the past three years that his effort on behalf of Holocaust Survivors would not be subject to, nor would they be burdened by legal fees

While a group of survivors will be meeting this coming week in New York with the Claims Conference leaders to plead for badly needed supplements (for just a few thousand dollars) in the annual allocations in their respective communities, we are blasted with news of demands for multi million dollar legal fees to be taken out of what little allocations there are available to Survivors. Attorneys who clearly have pledged Pro Bono work in helping distribute the $1.25 billion Swiss funds seem to be finding ways out of their original commitments

Our biggest disappointment is non other than Professor Burt Newborne, who very recently, while attending a hearing in the Hungarian Gold Train in Judge Seitz’s court articulated his claim as a Pro Bono Lawyer for the cause of Holocaust Survivors.

Millions of dollars are consistently being spent from, “what we feel are funds meant for survivor needs” on administrative and “legal” fees.
If not Justice where is simple Human Decency, — Dear Judge Korman, Please tell us.

Respectfully: Hanka Hirshhaut, N.Y. N.Y. – Yehuda Evron, N.Y. N.Y. – Leon Stabinsky, L.A.CA. Izzy Arbiter, Boston, MA. – David Mermelstein, Miami/Dade FL. – Israel J. Sachs, Miami/Dade, FL. – Jack Beigelman, Broward County, FL. Alex Moscovic, Palm Beach County, FL.