Nazi helmets for sale for 2006 World Cup
Tuesday, 10 January 2006
A company from Holland is selling replica Nazi helmets bearing pro-Dutch phrases in an attempt to ‘cash in’ on the German-Dutch rivalry going into this summer’s World Cup in Germany. The orange helmets, which cost $6, have Dutch flags printed on the side and bear slogans such as “Attack!” and “Go, Netherlands Go” in Dutch. Frank Huizinga of the Dutch Soccer Association is not a happy chap. “We reject every link between soccer and the war,” Huizinga said. “There are so many ways you can make a joke, but this is too obvious to be funny, it shows no creativity at all.”
Weno Geerts, of Free Time Products, the company selling the Nazi helmets, said critics should lighten up. “There’s no political message here,” Geerts said. “It’s just a joke. We’re making fun of Germans, just like they like to make fun of us.”

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Fields of Hate
HBO Network, USA

In September, REAL SPORTS concluded a three-year investigation into the disturbing prevalence of racism in European soccer. The extreme fan behavior caught on camera included the mimicking of monkey sounds and the throwing of bananas anytime a black player touched the ball, as well as the waving of swastikas and open Nazi salutes. Speaking with Bryant Gumbel, players such as Thierry Henry of England’s Arsenal revealed that in parts of Europe “home field advantage” has less to do with the color of one’s jersey and more to do with the color of one’s skin. The segment includes interviews with former English professional soccer player Carl Saunders; Piara Powar, the driving force behind Europe’s largest Anti-Racism campaign; National Front leader Steve Reynolds; and Lars-Christer Olsson, CEO of UEFA, European football’s governing body.

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel
Producer: Tim Walker

Buddy Macy
Little Falls, NJ