The Never Again Campaign is an organization started by students at Northwestern University in February of 2006. The campaign aims to increase Holocaust education, promote global tolerance, and stop genocides that are occurring today around the world.

The Never Again Campaign will bring speakers, host workshops, and offer resources to spread awareness about these issues on the Northwestern campus. Similarly, we hope to convince other universities to adopt our goals.

Recently, Northwestern engineering professor Arthur Butz denied the Holocaust and congratulated the President of Iran on becoming the first modern head of state to deny the Holocaust. In response, students and faculty have come together to express their outrage and disappointment that a Northwestern professor made such an offensive and historically inaccurate declaration. We ask that you read the various sections on the Never Again Campaign website to inform yourself about this issue. We have provided links to relevant articles, and statements, and a petition geared towards the goals of the Never Again Campaign. This is a GLOBAL petition–individuals not affiliated with Northwestern can sign it. We encourage you to sign the petition and ask your friends and family to do so as well.

Indifference allowed the Holocaust to happen. We here at the Never Again Campaign refuse to be bystanders to the murders that continue today and we refuse to forget the murders of the past.

Never Again.