In study, youth see Holocaust and
Jewish culture as keys to identities
By Sue Fishkoff
March 26, 2006

OAKLAND, Calif., March 26 (JTA) — Some of the more interesting findings of the newly released Reboot study of young U.S. Jews focus on how Generation Y Jews understand what it means to be Jewish.

Respondents — Jews aged 18 to 25 — were presented with 12 possible factors and asked how much each “mattersâ€? to being Jewish. Top on the list was “remembering the Holocaust,â€? which 73 percent of respondents said matters “a lot.â€?

Next were two universal values, “making the world a better placeâ€? and “leading an ethical and moral life,â€? which garnered 64 percent and 63 percent, respectively. Then came two more ethnocentric values, “understanding Jewish historyâ€? (58 percent) and “learning about…